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Reviews That Inspire Us To Be Better

Clients Talk

"Like many businesses, COVID-19 and the circuit breaker took us by surprise. We were unable to continue our operations as we are not able to go door to door to get clients for our product.

Luckily, we engaged Eugene and Ben for their marketing and advertising expertise. With the help of Nexus Marketing Agency, we were able to set up an online funnel. Now, our weekdays are fully packed with appointments and prospects and our results are even better than before the circuit breaker!

We are glad to have the assistance of Nexus Marketing to support us and allow us to continue operating during this period."

Chuanqi Zhang
JoyPlan SG

"Great service from Nexus Marketing! Replies were very prompt as well. Thank you!"

Chloe Wong
Deeayewhy Crafts

"The production from Nexus Marketing is above my expectation, I really recommend!"

Alvin Aw
AwBros LED Light

"Thanks to Nexus Marketing Agency and VMORE AdTech, I'm able to get more customer enquiries and also have an increase of around 400% in revenue within 2 weeks from the day I uploaded my ad. Once again, very grateful for Nexus Marketing for the fast response with my queries."

Ng Teck Hwee

"Thanks to Ling Hui who helped my business with advertising, I got a service call within 2 hours of my ad going live. Really didn't expect to get one so fast thanks once again and really appreciate your help!"

Fred Tan
SuperMonk Plumbing

"Thanks to Valentina Tan we got to know about Nexus Marketing, and we won the giveaway campaign. We didn't expect this to happen and now we got a wonderful video advertisement to use for our school, Little Paddington Preschool - East Coast The experience was great, and we really appreciate the work done! We will definitely want to work together with Nexus again. Thank you!"

Renuka Sivasamy
Little Paddington Preschool

"We are happy to work with Nexus Marketing, great service and friendly people. Thank you very much👍"

Su Dong Dong
The Prata Kitchen